Stop causing adultery, y’all.

Seriously, just look at yourself.

Rejoice!  Ol’ Squinky is at it again.  Some of you may recall televangelist Pat Robertson’s remarks a few months ago about “awful-looking” women driving their husbands to infidelity.  It seems any time a woman asks his advice about a cheating husband, the best advice he can offer is, “Stop being a hideous beast. Be attractive, and he’ll stop cheating on you.”

His winning streak continues with this week’s dose of folksy piety and victim-blaming. Ladies, take note – apparently, if your spouse is gainfully employed, and has any redeeming qualities at all, you are in no position to bitch.  No, it wouldn’t work that way if the cheater were female, so don’t even ask.

Thank goodness for godly men like Pat Robertson, willing to stand up time and again for traditional family values like adultery and wife-beating.  Just remember, it’s the gays undermining the sanctity of marriage.

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