Doing Science With Kevin Swanson

nobodybroughtupleviticus18I hate to break it to you godless nerds, but according to talk radio giant Kevin Swanson (of whom I had never heard until this story hit my news feed), Star Trek: Into Darkness is a pretty evil movie, because it’s all about having sex with aliens, which we all know never happened in the original series.

…and of course the whole premise of this is that within an evolutionary construct there is no real problem with speciation and cross-species mating, there’s no problem with that at all, in fact that’s how you evolve, that’s how you get evolution, and so the end result of course is that evolution has no basic problem with bestiality or cross-species mating.

And that, my friends, is how evolution works.  So glad he cleared that up for us.  And it’s awesome that he’s able to filter out all that other stuff to get to the heart of the movie – the sex scene between Kirk and a couple of hot alien babes.

It turns out the good professor has a lot of fascinating opinions on a variety of subjects.  Ladies, did you know that, if you use the birth control pill, you are walking around carrying a whole host of tiny dead babies?  That’s right!  It’s interesting, because even without birth control pills, huge numbers of fertilized eggs do not go on to successful pregnancies.  I guess those tiny dead babies know better than to hang around indefinitely, unlike the vengeful offspring cut off in their prime by The Pill.  So… what is the cause of all those tiny dead babies embedding themselves in the wombs of the godless?  There isn’t a clear explanation offered, but apparently it has something to do with thwarting God’s will, women wanting to be men, and Hitler, not necessarily in that order.  SCIENCE.

How have I never heard of this man until now?  He is a veritable goldmine of top notch scholarship on science and social issues.  Thanks to Kevin Swanson, I now understand that feminists are “selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores.” Oh baby, that’s hot.

Anything else, Kevin?

78% of moms are working outside of the home. 17% dad is the primary breadwinner. 61% the mom is the primary breadwinner. 29% are single moms. Okay, there it is. That’s it. 17% of dads, 61% of moms. Friends, it’s over. It’s over, it’s done. That’s it. That’s the end of it. It’s the end of manhood, it’s the end of men, it’s the end of fatherhood, it’s done, we’ve gone over the cliff. 61% of moms are primary breadwinners, 17% of dads among the millenialls, and 78% of moms are working outside of the home. It’s over. There will be no more mothers and of course there are no more fathers. It’s over.

The end of manhood!  Admittedly, that seems a little melodramatic, but hey, he hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

To sum up: we live in a time of family-destroying whores with graveyards in their wombs, too busy earning a living to notice that their menfolk are having sex with aliens, all to promote a Darwinist agenda.  Oh, what a world!

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