Doing Science With Kevin Swanson

nobodybroughtupleviticus18I hate to break it to you godless nerds, but according to talk radio giant Kevin Swanson (of whom I had never heard until this story hit my news feed), Star Trek: Into Darkness is a pretty evil movie, because it’s all about having sex with aliens, which we all know never happened in the original series.

…and of course the whole premise of this is that within an evolutionary construct there is no real problem with speciation and cross-species mating, there’s no problem with that at all, in fact that’s how you evolve, that’s how you get evolution, and so the end result of course is that evolution has no basic problem with bestiality or cross-species mating.

And that, my friends, is how evolution works.  So glad he cleared that up for us.  And it’s awesome that he’s able to filter out all that other stuff to get to the heart of the movie – the sex scene between Kirk and a couple of hot alien babes. [Read more…]

Stop causing adultery, y’all.

Seriously, just look at yourself.

Rejoice!  Ol’ Squinky is at it again.  Some of you may recall televangelist Pat Robertson’s remarks a few months ago about “awful-looking” women driving their husbands to infidelity.  It seems any time a woman asks his advice about a cheating husband, the best advice he can offer is, “Stop being a hideous beast. Be attractive, and he’ll stop cheating on you.”

His winning streak continues with this week’s dose of folksy piety and victim-blaming. Ladies, take note – apparently, if your spouse is gainfully employed, and has any redeeming qualities at all, you are in no position to bitch.  No, it wouldn’t work that way if the cheater were female, so don’t even ask.

Thank goodness for godly men like Pat Robertson, willing to stand up time and again for traditional family values like adultery and wife-beating.  Just remember, it’s the gays undermining the sanctity of marriage.