Music Monday: “Rated T for Tolerance.” No, really.

Whoa boy. The contradictions run rampant throughout this one! Besides being a rap without a rapper, lines like “don’t propagate your hate” and “this is not to discriminate” parallel a devastating lack of awareness in adopting the video title; it’s something of a tour de force in ignorance.

Music Monday: “You Do That Thing”

This week  on Music Monday, a lesson in ethics courtesy of Bible Girl; Cheating is bad, mmkay?

Even though this piece contains many of the hallmarks of fundamentalist music – lackadaisical effort, identical rhymes, terrible acting – I find it less offensive (to the mind if not the eyes) than similar videos because it avoids any attempt to explain the “facts” and instead focuses on just being bad. Kudos!

Music Monday: Creation Song (Dance, Dance, Dance)

It’s usually hard to catch me off guard, but an auto-tuned rappin’ Christian cowboy? That’ll do it!

Fun as that video may be, I’ve become way more interested in the account that posted it, OnKneesforJesus, and their subsequent blog. It’s either an incredibly complicated troll job, or of course more likely given the subject matter, the work of crazy folk. I’ll leave you with a quote from the blog’s author and the background image from the blog. You can draw your own conclusions.

My life is all about getting on my knees and faithfully servicing Jesus until He comes.

Music Monday: How To Write a Worship Song

If you’re considering a career in generic, religious songwriting, this video is going to be invaluable.

Here’s my favorite worship songwriting tip: hallelujah rhymes with hallelujah.


Good luck in your new career.

Music Monday: The World of the Dinosaurs

Music Monday - Title Image

The folks over at Symphony of Science have put together yet another sciency concerto. This time, they’ve take clips from a potpourri of dino-related programming and quilted them into a electronica masterwork. The song features the likes of Alice Roberts, Bill Nye, Nigel Marvin, Dallas Campbell and several more.

Hit the play button to give it a listen.

Music Monday: “It’s Designed To Do”

Understandably, most music associated with the teaching of Creationism is targeted at children – gotta hit ‘em before those critical thinking skills can develop and all. And the trend-within-the-trend appears to be lyrics that are trying their hardest to confuse the listener, which as I’ve noted before is another reasonable tactic.

Case in point: we learn here that a platypus “[is] designed to do what it does do. What it does do it does do well. Doesn’t it? Yes it does. I think it does. Do you? I do. Hope you do too. Do you?”

Not a single mention of what it actually does, but rest assured it’s doing it well.

Music Monday: “This is Our Planet”

One thing I believe most of us can agree on is that we live on a damn beautiful piece o’ rock!

Now, could we also just agree that the same technology we trust to see and experience so much of it is based on the proven sciences that too many people love to opportunistically deny? That’d be swell.

Music Monday: “Days of Creation”

This week on Music Monday, another video aimed at edumacatin’ the children!

How so, you may (should) ask? Primarily as an example for writing a song that rhymes only a single word the whole time. Also, lots of twirling practice! The resulting confusion and lack of coordination can be an extremely useful primer for absorbing the subject matter.

Music Monday: “Explore”

This week, the crocoduck brings you a schizophrenic editing masterpiece.

The following trailer is for “Explore,” a whopping 2-hour music video aimed at educating children about creation vs. evolution (their claim, not mine!). It mostly defies description, but I feel safe in going with “Moo!”

If you’re interested in the full video across 2 DVD discs (maybe the outtakes use up a whole other disc?), you’ll be happy to know it’s often available on eBay.

Music Monday: Symphony of Science – The Greatest Show on Earth!

If David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye released a trance record, I would buy that shit.