Cancer is Hilarious


I recently attended a comedy/ventriloquism performance at a local casino (hey, don’t judge. The tickets were free).   I’d never heard of the guy, but a quick web search revealed that he does “family friendly” entertainment.  Not usually my gig, but I was willing to check it out, and I will freely admit, his singing ventriloquist schtick was surprisingly impressive.  Unfortunately, after building up some momentum, this guy blew it all when he opted to turn it into a very special episode of (insert generic 80s sitcom title here) by setting aside the dummies to sing a song about… a kid dying of cancer.


And to make it even better, the song was accompanied by massive projected images of pencil sketches of… yes, a bald, dying child.  A real knee-slapper, amirite?  It’s all okay, though.  Sure, a little kid died of cancer, but hey!  Jesus totally gave him a horse and took him horseback riding in heaven.  Praise god from whom all cancers flow!  Your goodness is truly unfathomable. [Read more…]

Dear Theists Thursdays – I Might Be Wrong

Dear Theists Thursdays is a new feature in which I write a letter to theists about various whatever topics happen to be on my mind. Feel free to suggest topics or pose questions by sending email to


Dear Theists,

I might be wrong. [Read more…]

Crocoducks have Babies Too

Things have been quiet here on for the last week, but I have a valid excuse; my wife and I had a kid. His name is Atlas and he’s pretty damn cute.

This picture was taken less than 10 minutes after he was born. And, yes, he is wearing a top hat. He is quite a snappy dresser on his birthday.

Now that we’re home and settling in, you can expect the hilarity to resume.