Is Creationism A Mental Illness?

I often jokingly refer to creationists as having a “mental illness.” Well, usually I use the word “mentally” and then another much less politically correct word. But recently Psychology Today ran an article that genuinely begs the question “Are creationists sane?”

Hence creationism, the theory/superstition that, contrary to massive scientific evidence, the world began exactly as described in the Book of Genesis. Instead of deriving from millions of years of patient evolution, Adam and Eve popped out, fully formed, like characters from a Swiss cuckoo clock. Would you Adam and Eve it? Of course not. It’s a myth, but like many myths it serves a psychological purpose which is to provide a storybook sense of simple origins, which allays people’s fears. Those who believe this myth to be the truth are in a state of denial.

Obviously I’m a bit biased, but the author does make a pretty good case. Check out the entire article here.